Building Systems

The right product, in the right place, at the right time, for the right price.

That’s what the Global Steel Arch Machine is all about…as an investment for you and as a construction service for your clients.

The right product…

The Arch Machine produces galvanized/prepainted steel or aluminum multi-purpose buildings that meet or exceed almost any design and performance specifications.

In the right place…

A Global Steel building can be erected any place where you can drive a truck. All of the requisite machinery is mounted on a rugged 30-foot trailer. The Arch Machine is virtually a factory on wheels.

At the right time…

With a properly trained crew, the easy-to-operate Arch Machine is capable of manufacturing a 5,000 sq.ft. building on the site in one operation — from coiled raw material to free standing structure — in as little as two days.

For the right price…

The efficiency and economy of Global Steel’s complete on-site construction are unmatched by any standard or prefabricated construction. Global Steel means lower shipping and packing costs, no shipping damage, less potential for downtime and labor problems…and no hidden costs.

Global Steel has been manufacturing buildings and marketing construction equipment since 1981. Arch Machines have been operated in various climates and conditions around the world for over ten years.

Global Steel’s versatility, durability and economy represent a unique investment opportunity. The Arch Machine is an advanced technology with an exciting profit potential.

Model 600

The Arch Machine Metal Building Systems

The Arch Machine Metal Building Systems have resulted in years of profitable business for Global Steel, Inc. This system offers a unique and reliable building method by providing the materials needed to construct arched buildings with no bolts or fasteners. The arched steel panels are one unique part of the building. These panels are seamed together and guarantee an airtight, waterproof shelter for a lifetime. The Arch Machine Model 600 and Model 900 play an essential part in manufacturing the materials needed to rapidly and easily erect buildings capable of meeting a wide variety of needs.

A Factory on Wheels

The Arch Machine Metal Building System is a factory on wheels. The entire system, except for the electric seamer and the run out table system, is mounted securely on a rugged 23-foot trailer. This mobility offers many benefits. The most important benefit is that it allows most of the materials to be fabricated on site. This makes the construction process more cost effective and efficient. All that is needed for the entire building process is on hand and readily available. Additionally, the entire Arch Machine Metal Building System is so well designed and compact that it is shipped, fully assembled and ready to work, in one sea container.

The Arch Machine Model 600 and Model 900

The Arch Machines Model 600 and 900 (Arch Machines) have the capability to form the steel for each panel and curve the steel panel to the required specifications. Since the metal panel consists of one continuous piece of material, lap seams are eliminated. All the functions of the Arch Machines are controlled by an easy-to-operate control panel on the machine, consisting of three levers. An additional tool, the electrical seaming machine, attaches each single arch to the next one. Panels are seamed together as they are assembled (usually in groups of five arches). The use of this machine in conjunction with the locking flanges on each steel panel provides an airtight, waterproof lock. The seamer is capable of seaming up to 70 lineal feet per minute. This speed shortens the time of construction even more, offering yet another major time saving benefit to the customer. The purchase of an Arch Machine Metal Building System from Global Steel, Inc. includes several other major features including manuals, a tool kit, spare parts and a complete training program.

Steel Specifications

The structural basis of the building system is in the light gauge steel sheet material used to fabricate the panel sections of various lengths and radii. The steel panels are galvanized and pre-painted for double protection, and they are available in a wide selection of colors. The material, which arrives on site in heavy spools of steel, conforms to the structural quality requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM A446). It also meets the design requirements for the building being erected. One of the many time-efficient features of the Arch Machine is its capability of holding multiple rolls of steel on the racks placed in line with the machine. This allows the steel panel forming process to proceed with few interruptions.

Forming and Curving

One part of the Arch Machine Model 600 and 900 are the forming machine. This cold-rolls the steel coil material into 12-inch (600) or 24-inch (900) wide panels to be used in the construction of the building. First, the steel is formed into individual straight continuous panels of any required length. Second, they are passed through the curving machine, another central component of the Arch Machine Model 600. This bends each panel into the arch shape. The arches can create a free span anywhere between 10 and 80 feet. Various span/height arch combinations can be obtained by making adjustments to the radius of the curved arch.

Seaming and Erection

After several of the building panels have been formed and curved, the arched panels are then assembled in groups of five and seamed together using Global Steel, Inc.’s seaming machine. The pre-assembled arches are then hoisted into position, aligned, leveled, and secured into the foundation system. Additional arches are then formed, pre-assembled, and set in place alongside the previously erected arch group. Each set of arches is checked for level and alignment and then seamed to the previously erected arches. The flexibility of the steel arches allows for erection to be performed in wind conditions of up to 35 mph. Another time-efficient benefit that this system offers is that arches can undergo the forming and curving process while another crew assembles, seams, and sets in place the formed arches. The erection process continues until the desired building length is obtained. Once the curved panels are in place, the endwalls of the building are formed using straight panels. Each panel is custom cut to fit the arch shape. After the endwall panels are set and door openings framed, the last arch panel is seamed in place. This gives the arch building ends an overhang that acts as a watertight hood.

Building Insulation

The finished building is an airtight, waterproof structure that can be easily adapted to a number of uses. Global Steel, Inc. can insulate the smooth interior of the structure using sprayed-on urethane, cellulose, or rugged insulation panels. Any of these types of insulation allows the building to easily adapt to temperature controls and any other environmental requirements. Global Steel, Inc. has provided computer-controlled systems for interior climate control within many of its storage facilities in order to meet customers’ specific needs. Freezer storage, refrigerated storage and a carbon dioxide atmosphere for grain storage are just a few of the types of interior climate installations Global Steel, Inc. has available.

System Benefits

The Arch Machine Metal Building System provides a solution to two critical construction problems: time and money. The metal building is manufactured and constructed in one fast operation on the job site. A Global Steel building can be erected anywhere a truck can be driven. The Arch Machine Metal Building System has been used for many years in various climates and conditions around the world. No time is lost due to shipping and freight damage. Additional time benefits result from the fact that the system is able to produce ten lineal feet of completed building per hour utilizing only a six to seven man crew. Thus, a 5,000 square foot building can be erected in as little as 3 days. The limited crew size and construction period offer substantial financial rewards and eliminate costly time delays and potential labor problems. Furthermore, the system’s arch design offers the customer tremendous savings in labor and raw materials.

Another benefit the Arch Machine Metal Building System offers is compatibility to customer’s needs. Even after initial construction, the building can be easily modified and/or expanded as needs arise. The system’s reliability, durability and compatibility offer a unique product to the customer, a product with inherent economy and efficiency.


Global Steel, Inc.’s Arch Machine Metal Building Systems have provided several profitable avenues of business for Global Steel, Inc. The system itself can be sold to customers wanting to use it on their own, or the system can be used by Global Steel, Inc. in providing turn-key construction of a building it designs or builds to the Owner’s specifications. Whatever the need, Global Steel, Inc. offers a product that is cost-effective and timesaving. The customer who recognizes this and utilizes Global Steel, Inc.’s resources and expertise is more often than not a satisfied customer.