Affordable Housing

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As we enter the new millenium, one of the pressing world concerns is the development of affordable housing. In the past, the affordable housing concept has met with more failure than success. Cost, design, and the public opinion of the project prevents many of these projects from achieving their goals. As a result, too many affordable housing contracts never meet the expectation of providing a secure and affordable home for working families. Tomorrow will require something different…

Global Steel has a new concept in “value added” affordable housing. Our objective is to assist private and/or government institutions in providing affordable housing to their customers and constituents. To accomplish this, an affordable housing project needs several key ingredients to make it successful.

  1. A quality product — The Global Steel affordable home is a steel structure, which provides strength and durability for housing in any environment.
  2. An affordable price — Our home is affordably priced beginning at $6,300 US for a 20’ x 20’ home with unfinished interior. The size and interior of the homes can be customized to the needs of the individual developer.
  3. Fast construction — Utilizing our unique construction technology, we can construct 5 houses per day with one on-site factory and a small crew. This allows the affordable housing project to be competitive in price by cutting labor costs.
  4. The ability to use national labor and materials — Rather than using expensive American labor to put up the buildings, local construction crews will be trained in the simple procedure. This saves money and benefits the national economy. A crew of 3-5 local laborers can use a single machine to construct the shells for up to five homes per day. The interiors can be finished using either local materials, or a kit provided by Global Steel, which will take 3-5 days to install.
  5. Construction experience — Global Steel has used this unique technology and building system since 1981 for projects all over the world. This experience includes on-site building and construction for the US Department of Defense during Operation Desert Storm. Our construction services have taken us to countries including Russia, Ukraine, China, Japan, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Mexico and elsewhere.
  6. Assistance in arranging project financing and individual mortgages — The professionals at Global Steel have extensive experience in international finance. We offer assistance to developers in arranging financing for qualified projects through international financial institutions. We have also developed sophisticated financing programs for individual buyers for their down payments and mortgages.
  7. Community centers — Each Global Steel project will provide a large warehouse to use for equipment storage and pre-assembly of each home. These warehouses can be turned into community centers upon completion of the project. Global Steel usually builds one warehouse/community center per 1,000 homes constructed. Global Steel typically donates these warehouses at the completion of the construction project. Local authorities will find that these warehouses are extremely valuable to the communities.

Now, for the first time, a self-financed, individual home and telephone in a comfortable and sanitary environment is within the reach of working families throughout the world.